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Hung Gar Kuen


Hung Gar Kuen is a member of the family of kung fu styles known as Southern Shaolin Kung Fu. It is known for its uses of the Five Animals: Tiger, Crane, Leopard, Dragon, & Snake. The art was founded in the early Qing Dynasty in Fujian Province, China, by the tea merchant Hung Hei Kwun, a lay student of the Fukien Shaolin Temple under the teaching of the Shaolin Abbot and one of the legendary Five Elders, Gee Sin Sim Si. Though Hung Hei Kwun originated Hung Ga, it was made the way it is today by his junior disciple and student Luk Ah Choi, the only Manchurian taught Shaolin, that would teach two generations of the Wong Family of martial artists and doctors  Wong Tai, Wong Keiying.  Master Wong Keiying would ultimately train his son, the famous Chinese Hero, Wong Fei Hung. The hallmarks of Hung Ga are deep low stances, notably its "sei ping ma" horse stance, and strong hand techniques, notably the bridge hand and the versatile tiger claw.




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