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Jamar R. El

Grand Master


Shifu Jamal R. El began training in 1969 under the tutelage of Sensei Nicholas Jones of the Dai Nippon Kempo karate dojo. Shortly thereafter he discovered a teacher of the Korean style of Tae kyun, under Sabom- Nim Wilford Jones. Shifu Jamal eventually discovered the Chinese system of Kung Fu which

became an avid interest. He began his studies with Sifu Abdul Al Malik, a teacher of Mi Zhong Chuan (Lost Track Boxing) and Lama Pai (Tibetan White Crane).


He then had the privilege of learning Hung gar, five family and Five Animal kung fu from Sifu Norman P. Smith a student of the famed Grandmaster Ark Y. Wong and Sifu K.B. Young. At the same time Shifu Jamal was learning Northern T’ien Shan Pai (Heaven

Mountain System) under Shifu Thomas Hardy, a student of Grandmaster Lin Shih Kuang (Willy Lin). Shifu Jamal also studied Xing Yi Chuan, Liu He Ba Fa, and Yang and Sun style Tai Chi as well Chi Gong.


Shifu holds ranking in various other systems of martial arts including 5th dan in Japanese and Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate Do, under Gene M. Holden Hanshi of the Mibukan dojo. He holds a

7th dan in Ichikawa-Ha Seito Goju Ryu karate under Robert Choji Taiani Kancho & Khalid Newton Hanshi and a member of ISK International Hombu in NYC. Shifu Jamal also train with

Anthony Akins Sensei in Kyokushin Kai karate a student of Tadashi Nakamura and Mas Oyama.


In addition, Shifu Jamal also had the honor of training under Mwanzo Umeme Umpingo JC in the African fighting tradition & science known as Vita Saana (Art of War). Shifu holds the Ngazi

Nyeusi (Black Level) one of the highest ranks bestowed upon a Mwalimu (Teacher) Shifu is well versed in many chinese weapons (Hei Bing) and Okinawan (Kobudo).


Over the years Shifu Jamal has done private security for celebrities and performed on (PBS, FOX, and Channel 3 as well local T.V. stations) he has appeared on instructional videos and has given seminars thru out the Tri-State area. He continues to teach in the Philadelphia area.


• Board member of the United Fellowship of martial artists.

• Board member of the Tien Foundation of Trenton New Jersey.

• U.M.A.R.A. United Martial Arts Referees’s Association.

• U.S.C.K.F. United States Chinese Kuoshu Federation.

• Co-Founder of the International Goju Ryu Research Society.

• Member of Sosui Kan Branch, New York City.

• Philadelphia Historic Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2013.

• B.I.T.M.A Broad Member of Blacks in the Martial Arts.

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