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Louis Diaz

Grand Master

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Sifu Louis Diaz is a world champion martial artist who has studied different forms and styles for more than three decades and has honed his skills into gold-medal winning form. Born in New York City, he began studying martial arts at the age of six. He won his first international competition in 1994 in Florida, placing first for his fighting set and first for his Nan-Quan form. Since then, he has won 80 gold medals during the four years he represented the United States as a member of the U.S Wushu team under coach Lu Xiou Ling. 


Diaz participated as a starter during his first two years there,

followed by two years as the captain of the forms team. He has also represented the U.S. in three international competitions: two World Games and one Pan-American Game. From 1994 to 1999, Diaz earned the titles of National and International All-Around Grand Champion in Men's Contemporary Wushu. During this time, he also won awards for his form in Southern Fist (Nan-Quan), Di-Tang, Traditional Hung Ga, Drunken-style, Drunken Sword, broadsword, staff, and fighting set, as well as for his group form and group weapon form. Most recently, Diaz earned recognition as the 2004-2009 National & International Traditional Southern Fist Champion. 


Diaz has been featured in 17 different magazines, including Inside Kung Fu and Black Belt and has been seen on Pay-Per-View television, the Discovery Channel, ESPN, and the Kevin Langford Fitness & Variety Show. He has been inducted into 13 martial arts Halls of Fame and has even been used as a model for characters in video games. Sifu Diaz has studied with some of the best martial artists in the world, with the list of his instructors reading like a Who's Who of Chinese martial artists in America: Sharon Diaz, Norman Smith, Jamal Rashad El, Lu Xiao Ling, W.C. Bey, Li Pei Yun, Li Kam Loung, Nick Gracien, Pan Qing Fu, and Gerald Battle to name a few. 


Additionally, Diaz is a seventh-generation disciple of the Bak Mei Kung Fu system, a style rarely seen in the U.S. Diaz has trained over 40 National and International Champions and is currently the Master Instructor of the Shaolin Hung-Gar & Tai-Chi Institute. He is a member of numerous martial arts federations, including the United International Kung Fu Federation, NASKA, USAWKF, KUOSHU and the NBL, where he was awarded " Best Coach" in 2000. 

Systems Taught By Master Lous Diaz

Traditional Southern Chinese Boxing

Five Family Five Animal Fist

(Ng-Gar Ng Ying Kyun)

Hung Family Fist (Hung-Gar Kyun)

(Tang Fong Branch) & (Lam Sai Wing Branch)

White Eyebrow System (Bak Mei Pai)

Traditional Internal Chinese Boxing

Shape Intention Fist (Xing-Yi Quan)

Yang Family Grand Ultimate Fist (Yang Taiji-Quan)

Traditional Internal Chinese Boxing

Shape Intention Fist (Xing-Yi Quan)

Yang Family Grand Ultimate Fist (Yang Taiji-Quan)

Yin-Fu Family 8 Diagram Palm (Yin-Fu Bagua-Zhang)

China’s National Sport (Wushu)

Southern Fist (Nan-Quan)

Northern Long fist (Chang-Quan)

Drunken Fist (Zhui-Quan)

Praying Mantis Fist (Tang Long Quan)

Ground Fighting (Ditang Quan)                                        

Full Contact Kick Boxing (Sanshou/Sanda)

MMA/ Grappling (Qin-Na)

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